EnvisionX Announces Latest Updates To Optimise The Supply Path


EnvisionX, an independent advertising technology company and provider of programmatic advertising solutions has announced that it has optimised its supply path (SPO) in a bid to transform the existing AdTrades platform.

The EnvisionX Supply Path Optimisation (SPO) is an optimised supply channel which helps improve transparency between buyers and sellers, effectively removing the middlemen whilst also helping to tackle ad fraud. This reduces the wasted spend that occurs through the unauthorised “take fee”, and allows the buyer to acquire traffic in the most direct way and vice-versa for the seller. The update will also advance inventory management, which results in saving money on potentially unnecessary operational efforts. There are also other benefits such as lower eCPM for buyers and higher revenue, with less fees taken by middlemen, this results in more being paid out to sellers.

Vlad Kushka, CTO and Co-Founder at EnvisionX says:

“The product has come a long way since the first release and has evolved significantly over time with feedback from our customers. Now, our product is incredibly robust, the rapid development and high performance of which allows us to build any new features quickly and easily. We work very closely with our clients on a daily basis and are constantly trying  to understand their cravings and bring it to the lab. We’re mindful not to obscure the communication path and always take feedback on board, ensuring our product is at the cutting edge of technological innovation to help our client solve the latest challenges in the industry and meet their needs.”

EnvisionX currently offers two products that comprise their digital ecosystem which will be further enhanced with the new technology. AdTrades is a versatile and dynamic advertising marketplace that is available for immediate trade between any programmatically enabled buyer or seller, giving buyers access to multiple supply-side platforms (SSPs) and their verified advertising inventory or media. AdCasts is a “ready-to-go” robust self-serve platform which makes it easy for advertisers to get programmatically set-up without having to build a demand-side platform (DSP) themselves

Zheng Zhang, CEO and Co-Founder at EnvisionX says:

“We have had some strong developments to our platforms recently, and the supply path optimisation will greatly complement our BitCasts platform which is set to be introduced later this year. With our newly updated products, we are truly driven to improving transparency and making  advertising easy. It would certainly be a much safer place for advertisers and publishers if every programmatic player worked to fully optimise their SPO and we would definitely recommend adopting this practice.”

EnvisionX decided to optimise the supply path in response to its recent announcement of applying blockchain technology to its existing programmatic platform, which will further strengthen against non transparency, and promote the practice and ethos of ‘easy advertising.’ EnvisionX has applied its SPO in the supply channel already and is currently working on driving more transparency across its platforms.

If you’re interested in learning more about EnvisionX and its programmatic platforms please visit: http://www.envisionx.co