StormX Lowers Community Appreciation Sale Cap Due to Overwhelming Demand

Rewards BitMaker users with STORM tokens through unique airdrop system


StormX, the Blockchain, adtech, and micro-task company, has today announced that it has lowered its  Community Appreciation Sale Period cap for its STORM token from 350 ETH to 100 ETH.

The update follows a community survey in which 9,641 unique individuals in less than 24 hours submitted requests to participate in the Community Appreciation Sale Period. As the sale is first come, first serve, the updated terms will enable more StormX supporters to participate. The public sale for STORM tokens, which will be required to be used within StormX’s gamified micro-task marketplace called Storm Play, will commence October 20, 2017.

StormX CEO Simon Yu said:

“Due to the overwhelming community response we’ve received, StormX wants to enable more individuals to participate in the Community Appreciation Sale Period and join the Storm community and lowering the individual cap enables this wider participation. In doing so, we are creating a more fair and inclusive process for our loyal supporters.”

In a related announcement, StormX has created a loyalty program that will reward most engaged existing BitMaker users with STORM tokens after the StormX crowdsale concludes. In the airdrop, each BitMaker user will be provided with STORM tokens to kickstart their involvement in the new Storm Play platform. BitMaker, which will be rebranded into “Storm Play” after the conclusion of the STORM token crowdsale, currently has more than 270,000 monthly active users in 187 countries.

StormX CEO Simon Yu said:

“StormX has been successful only because of the incredibly loyal supporters who have used and helped develop BitMaker since the beginning. As we continue to evolve and transform our platform to increase earning opportunities for thousands or even millions of people across the globe, StormX wants to give back to the community. With the STORM Airdrop, we’re conducting what we believe is the most well-earned airdrop ever, rewarding existing BitMaker users with STORM tokens. We hope to continue to further engage our community and give our most tried and true supporters further opportunities to participate in the growing Storm Play ecosystem.”

The STORM tokens distributed in the airdrop will allow users to pay for services within the Storm Play platform. Users will automatically receive the STORM tokens via an Ethereum smart contract and will be able to access them through their existing BitMaker accounts.

Steven Nerayoff Esq. LL.M., Alchemist Ventures Founder and architect of the Ethereum token sale, said:

“Alchemist Ventures is humbled by the overwhelming response to the Community Appreciation Sale. The results show the strength of the Storm community. We are also delighted to have architected this airdrop mechanism, which we believe is the most fair distribution the crypto community has ever seen. We are confident that by rewarding the 270,000 individuals already actively engaging with BitMaker, and with high profile companies like Uber, T-Mobile, and Blue Apron already on board, Storm Play will launch as one of the most popular and functional decentralized ecosystems today.”

“The execution of our airdrop will be one of the first true loyalty programs in the cryptocurrency space. The benefits of doing an airdrop to our existing user base are twofold: first, we are rewarding those who already trust and rely on our product and incentivizing them to continue to engage and earn. Second, we are establishing a rock-solid foundation for our new ecosystem to make it all the more appealing for new users to join and experience the benefits of Storm Play,” said StormX CEO Simon Yu.

The Storm whitepaper and market research network development materials drafts are available at