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Simple Token Announces First Four Member Companies – To Launch Branded Tokens on Project’s Ecosystem

Simple Token announced the official onboarding of its first four Member Companies to launch Branded Tokens within the Simple Token ecosystem: XAINInterviewBit, Digital Knights and Pepo.

Simple Token enables mainstream applications to deploy their own branded crypto-backed token economies, in a scalable and cryptographically-auditable manner, without needing to mint and maintain their own publicly-tradable crypto tokens. Simple Token enables any company to create, launch, and manage their own branded digital token economy on open and highly scalable side-chains anchored to the Ethereum mainnet, without in-depth blockchain development requirements.

“We are incredibly proud to announce such a diverse array of leading companies in the technology space are joining the Simple Token ecosystem,” said Jason Goldberg, CEO of Simple Token. “We are committed to seeing our Member Companies succeed and strengthen the overall ecosystem. To ensure this, we have allocated 27.2 percent of our token sale supply towards seeding developers and compelling projects that help grow the ST ecosystem. We believe these four leaders in their respective spaces are the first of thousands that will easily and cost effectively deploy their own blockchain tokens.”

Because of the inter-exchangeability between side-chains within the Simple Token ecosystem, the Branded Tokens earned from frequenting Company A can be used towards purchases from Company B and C, or even in games and apps. Simple Token is the first viable blockchain platform for customer loyalty programs, incentivizing participation within decentralized apps, and allowing an easy, inexpensive onboarding of mainstream consumer facing companies onto blockchain technology.

Simple Token Member Companies announced include:

  1. XAIN, a London and Berlin based blockchain and AI startup, delivers automotive, IoT and supply chain projects for Daimler, Porsche and Deutsche Telekom, as well as research collaborations with Oxford, Imperial College and the Hasso Plattner Institute. XAIN builds industrial applications using AI optimization to secure, stabilize and scale distributed ledger networks and in turn using the blockchain verified data to develop AI and machine learning products.

  2. InterviewBit joins Simple Token to explore several opportunities to launch a branded token for InterviewBit’s existing recruiting business and application. InterviewBit is a SaaS e-learning and job-discovery platform that has prepared over 250,000 software engineers and placed them in top tech companies across the globe including Amazon, Uber, Facebook, Flipkart and others.

  3. Digital Knights’ network of approved tech teams helps major corporations and startups accelerate their innovation agendas. Digital Knights’ teams are trusted by businesses such as BMW, Vodafone, Skyscanner, and Transferwise. Projects from the Digital Knights network cover the full scope of digital innovation and emerging tech, including AI, IoT, cloud computing, Blockchain, Cybersecurity, location technologies, data analytics, and advanced algorithms. Digital Knights hopes to build a token economy to enable companies to access its global network of verified development teams that have passed a custom-built tech due diligence screening process.

  4. Pepo is a peer-to-peer app that connects users with experts in travel and culture. Thousands of people use Pepo every day to share insider tips on local hot spots and travel destinations.
    Pepo has been supporting the Simple Token project since the first concept developments in early 2016. Today, Simple Token has built an end-to-end implementation of “Pepo Coin” based on the OpenST protocol. Pepo users will be able to earn Pepo Coin by contributing valued tips and reviews. Every time a tip is upvoted, Pepo Coin are transferred from one user to another as thanks for the tip. Pepo users will be able to spend Pepo Coin on related local and travel services such as travel advice, personalized itineraries and tours. Pepo and Simple Token will publish a proof of Pepo Coin implementation based on OpenST in the next few days, including Pepo Coin transactions being recorded on OpenST open side-chains.

Join the Simple Token conversation on Telegram to speak directly with the project’s founders and developers. For more details on Simple Token please visit: with inquiries concerning onboarding your business onto the world’s first viable inter-exchangeable blockchain ecosystem.

Richard Kastelein
In his 20s, he sailed around the world on small yachts and wrote a series of travel articles called, 'The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Seas' travelling by hitching rides on yachts (1989) in major travel and yachting publications. He currently lives in Groningen, the Netherlands where he has set down his anchor to raise a family and write. Founder and publisher of industry publication Blockchain News (EST 2015) and director of education company Blockchain Partners (Oracle Partner) – Vancouver native Richard Kastelein is an award-winning publisher, innovation executive and entrepreneur. He has written over 2500 articles on Blockchain technology and startups at Blockchain News and has also published in Harvard Business Review, Venturebeat, Wired, The Guardian and a number of other publications. Kastelein has an Honorary Ph.D. and is Chair Professor of Blockchain at China's first blockchain University in Nanchang at the Jiangxi Ahead Institute software and Technology. He has over a half a decade experience judging and rewarding some 1000+ innovation projects as an EU expert for the European Commission's SME Instrument programme as a startup assessor and as a startup judge for the UK government's Innovate UK division. Kastelein has spoken (keynotes & panels) on Blockchain technology at over 50 events in 30+ cities.
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