Retainly Announces New Retail Partners Including Carrefour Brazil, Aliexpress

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Retainly announced on Tuesday the addition of partnership with several new retailers around the world for integration with the Retainly dApp. Parters include Carrefour Brazil, Aliexpress, US based ticketing service TravelOne, LycaMobile Australia, South Korean online  pharmacy Bodyguard Apotheke, and Indian furniture and home retailer Home Town, among others. Retainly will help these retailers offer discounts and cash back via RETN Deals. Applications for inclusion on the platform are being accepted from new online retailers, with a 5,000 RETN bonus being offered to businesses that qualify.

The Retainly platform offers cashback via the RETN cryptocurrency, designed to improve upon existing programs that offer discount vouchers or coupons that can only be used at the designated retailer. Retainly and RETN tokens can also be used by other businesses that emphasis customer loyalty, like SaaS platforms seeking to incentivize usage of their platform or media publishers aiming to enhance user engagement. Over 2 million RETN tokens are currently in circulation and Retainly will hold the Presale Round 2 Sprint portion of their initial coin offering (ICO) beginning Jan. 22.

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