Simple Token Lists on Singapore, Hong Kong Exchanges and Doubles User Base


Simple Token, which allows companies to build bespoke, branded crypto tokens for their users, announced last week that it’s now listed on two additional cryptocurrency and digital asset exchanges and has more than doubled its user base.

The Hong Kong-based company said, in a statement, that Singapore’s Huobi Pro and the Hong Kong exchange, OKEx, have added the tokens to their trading lists. The company made its debut on the Binance exchange at the end of last year.

“The new listings let Simple Token give the developer and crypto communities additional top-tier options to easily purchase [Simple Tokens] toward the goal of empowering companies to deploy their own branded crypto-backed token economies,” the company stated.

Simple Token also announced that 11 new companies were now using its services, bringing the total number of enterprises in its branding ecosystem to 20. The new companies are:

  • Treat – a mobile community for personalized health advice, where members share their experiences and can access expert advice from verified resources .

  • License.Rocks – a platform for decentralized software licensing through tokenization.

  • RadMule Labs – a mobile game studio focusing on new and innovative ways of gaming.

  • – a consumer app to enable instant Wi-Fi access via blockchain.

  • TribeCoin – a marketing platform to incentivize customers and influencers to create and distribute content that helps brands tell their story.

  • Lookhave – a social fashion network app that connects your wardrobe to your smartphone.

  • Tomorrow – a sustainable checking account for smartphones.

  • ConnectScale – a social community for fishing enthusiasts, built around a connected device for weighing and tracking catch data.

“We are proud to be at the forefront of bringing an increasing number of mainstream businesses and consumers to the blockchain,” said Simple Token CEO Jason Goldberg.

For information about how Simple Token helps businesses offer their own crypto tokens, contact