China’s to Open Blockchain Accelerator


One of China’s largest e-commerce companies,, is starting a blockchain accelerator program, according to a news release from one of its first participants.

CanYa, developing a blockchain-based marketplace for peer-to-peer services, announced the program and its own participation in a news release. Based in Australia, CanYa (/CAN) conducted an initial coin offering (ICO) that closed Dec. 27, raising USD 12 million, according to Token Report data.

According to the news release, other companies in the first cohort of the JD blockchain accelerator include Bluzelle, Nuggets, Republic Protocol, Devery and Bankorus.

Singapore-based Bluzelle (/BLZ), developing a database service for decentralized applications, raised USD 19.5 million in an ICO that closed Jan. 19. UK-based Nuggets (/NUG), a digital identity verification project, is planning an ICO for a future date yet to be determined. Australia-based Devery (/EVE), developing a product verification protocol, closed a USD 10 million ICO on Jan. 18. Republic Protocol (/REN), a decentralized dark pool exchange project based in Australia, closed a USD 30.5 million ICO, Feb. 3. Bankorus earlier this month announced its plans for a “crypto wealth management” project. All data via Token Report.

“This is a validation of CanYa’s business model and global disruptive potential. JD is one of the most significant technology companies in the world, to have their full support and backing is huge for our platform and the acceleration of blockchain technology,” CanYa CEO JP Thorbjornsen said in a statement. The news release did not include a statement from