Thursday, July 9, 2020
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London Blockchain Accelerator Academy Looking for Partners

In a powerful collaboration, London's well established Accelerator Academy and Accelerator Network - who have helped over 1000 startups over an award-winning decade -...

China’s JD.com to Open Blockchain Accelerator

One of China's largest e-commerce companies, JD.com, is starting a blockchain accelerator program, according to a news release from one of its first participants. CanYa,...

Starta Accelerator Launches Program for Blockchain Startups

The New York-based Starta Accelerator has announced the launch of an accelerator program, called “Token Rockets”, for startups working with Blockchain technology. The training...

South East Asia’s First Blockchain Incubator – Satoshi Studios – Opens Doors

South East Asia has got its first Blockchain incubator and it's started by the team behind GBMiners.com (South East Asia's largest bitcoin mining pool), and backed/invested...

Bank of England to Launch Blockchain and Fintech Accelerator

The Bank of England is  launching a FinTech Accelerator to work in partnership with FinTech firms that will work with new technology firms to help harness...

Nexussquared Sets Out to Turn Switzerland’s Strengths into International Blockchain Business Models

Drawing on the Switzerlands' unique competitive strengths in the banking world, Zurich-based Nexussquared has announced they will act as a catalyst for the...

Swiss Nexussquared Launches Nexuslab – a Virtual Blockchain Startup Programme

Taking a novel approach to fostering startups, Switzerland's Nexussquared is launching Nexuslab - introducing a programme inspired by the blockchain paradigms of decentralisation, trust and efficiency....