Dutch Startup Safeguard Partners With Startupbootcamp, Plans ICO for AI Accident Predictor


Developing accident prediction and prevention software for safer workspaces, Dutch startup Safeguard is joining innovation network Startupbootcamp Amsterdam ahead of a planned initial coin offering (ICO). The company announced, on Wednesday, that its objective is to develop an AI system that predicts accidents in the workplace.

Safeguard’s /SGT Token Sale aims to raise 30, 000 /ETH, according to their press release. It claims that its artificial intelligence-based system will be able to predict hazardous workplace incidents and injuries, based on internet of things technology and historical data. The company’s goal is to reduce workplace injuries and fatalities to a significant degree.

Safeguard cites a use-case example on a construction or building site, where the system would be able to apply live data relating to the weather, time of day, hardware, machinery, and other variables to determine whether or not a safety risk is posed and what the likelihood of an accident or injury is.

The company said it also plans to launch a Data Marketplace on the blockchain to enable businesses to securely and transparently share their safety-related data in exchange for /SGT, an ERC-20 based utility token.

The collaboration with Startupbootcamp means Safeguard gains access to a worldwide network of thousands of mentors and 140 plus corporate partners. These including PwC, Vodafone, Cisco, and HP. Safeguard said this will help its goals of developing not only a new marketplace for safety-relevant data, but also of building accident prevention software.

“As the network and knowledge of Startupbootcamp is well known all over the world. We believe that this support will be one of the key elements in driving the success of our Token Sale,” said Ingmar Vroege, Safeguard’s CEO, in a statement. “Not only does Startupbootcamp have great mentors that can help us, they’ve also got extensive knowledge of and experience with blockchain technology. By tapping into this vast pool of information and resources, Safeguard will be able to scale up at an even faster rate.”

For more information on Safeguard, please visit their website.