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Taiwan’s NOWnews Announces Plan to Launch Blockchain-Based Media Platform

NowNews Digital Media Technology (NDMT) (OTCQB:NDMT), a media company that provides news and multimedia platform services, has announced that its majority-owned subsidiary, NOWnews is partnering with Grace Intelligent Blockchain Technology to build blockchain based media platform. NOWnews is the largest online, self-produced news content provider for Taiwan and the only Taiwanese online news website fully accessible in Mainland China.

NOWnews plans to build a new decentralized blockchain-based media platform for users who can choose from four roles: author, reviewer, reader, and storage provider.

“Caring for the young generation, public welfare and the truth in media have always been one of our biggest focuses. Using blockchain technology as a tool can help us better achieve this goal,” says Shang-Hong Lin, executive director of NOWnews, in a statement. “We believe the blockchain based platform will ultimately reform the traditional media industry.”

NDMT is a US-listed media holding company focusing on the global Chinese market. The company’s holdings in the media space include digital media, movie production and distribution, and music copyright. The digital media business engages in creating, collecting and distributing news and information through its website and applications on mobile phones or tablets.

NDMT’s subsidiary NOWnews is a movie production and distribution business engaging in production, foreign movie import, marketing and advertising.

NOWnews website (in Chinese): https://www.nownews.com

For more information: http://ndmt.nownews.com

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