Human Avatar Creator Ubiatar Launches Telepresence Platform and ICO

Blockchain Expo North America 2019

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Ubiatar, a startup which lets people create human avatars, on Wednesday launched its blockchain-powered platform UbiatarPlay and an initial coin offering (ICO) of its Ubiatarcoins (/UAC).

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According to a press release from the company, the Ubiatar platform empowers people to travel without physically being present via a sophisticated combination of live video, cloud computing and an advanced graphical user interface (GUI).

The company intends to use /UAC tokens to support the exchange of value between peers worldwide. Coins can be bought on the market so home users and advertisers can pay avatars in the field to act on their behalf, supported with regular exchange platforms and weekly replenishing of a working buffer of at least 200,000 /UAC.

The release states Ubiatar provides a viable solution to having the power of ubiquity, or instant transfer to any place at any time, using modern mobile technologies over a high-performance cloud network.

The system requires an individual (acting as the avatar) to hold a smartphone, ensuring that everything they see and hear is sent over the network to the person at home, who directs the avatar, acting as a remote body. Directions are given via a patented GUI superimposed over a live video stream.

According to Ubiatar,  the platform works in any situation where people are unable to attend or interact, allowing them to be omnipresent.

The ICO, hosted on Eidoo’s ICO Engine, will last for one month. It offers 15 million Ubiatarcoins /UAC at a projected price of USD2 per coin. The company said funds raised will be invested into worldwide marketing and growth, which will put UbiatarPlay at the forefront of the telepresence sector.

See a link to UbiatarPlay’s whitepaper here.


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