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Peoplewave Lists HR Blockchain ICO on QUOINE Platform

Blockchain employment database Peoplewave will launch its initial coin offering (ICO) on QUOINE’s Mission Critical ICO Platform, with /PWV tokens to be listed on the latter’s QRYPTOS exchange, according to a statement on Monday.

“QUOINE’s expertise provides us the confidence of launching a safe, secure ICO with a fast track to listing on the QRYPTOS exchange for immediate liquidity post-ICO,” said Damien Cummings, CEO of Peoplewave in a statement. “The partnership also gives us access to hundreds of thousands of crypto enthusiasts who have already cleared ‘Know Your Customer (KYC)’ and are ready to learn more about Peoplewave’s ICO.

Peoplewave’s vision is to reinvent people management through blockchain technology, by establishing a decentralized database of accurate, verified performance and employment information on its blockchain platform, Wavebase.  The company says that employers can evaluate a potential candidate based on actual credentials and past performance, or use the information for targeted searches of suitable candidates. Employees will also get to own and take control of their performance data across all past employers.

“Our goal is to kickstart our next phase of development to bring us one step closer to our vision of making work fair. In order to obtain the resources to make Wavebase a reality, we have decided to maximize the benefit to our contributors at our own cost as a win-win solution for everyone,” he added.

The Peoplewave ICO starts on Thursday, 31 May. To participate, KYC certification will be needed on QUOINE’s QRYPTOS exchange, the company said.

A USD 2 million softcap has already been reached.

Peoplewave will be offering USD5 million of /PWV tokens for sale, priced at 1 /ETH = 6,888 /PWV tokens, (approximately USD0.08 equivalent in Ethereum). The company said a 95 percent bonus will be offered only on the first USD 1 million of /PWV tokens and for the first 24 hours, whichever comes earlier.

“Talent acquisition and management are important topics in a company’s growth process, said Seth Melamed, QUOINE Senior Vice President and Head of Operations. “Peoplewave’s solution of providing accurate, verified employment and performance data on blockchain is highly relevant to the future of work. Having learned first-hand the challenges of running a large scale ICO, we aim to assist HR-based blockchain projects such as Peoplewave in navigating the new crypto economy.”



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