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DNAtix Pilot Blockchain Technology for Preventative Healthcare

Genetics blockchain company DNAtix announced yesterday that they are piloting an ecosystem for anonymous genetic testing. Highlighting the “sensitive” nature of genetic data, they are using blockchain technology to ensure the anonymity of user’s information.

Ofer Lidsky, CEO and co-founder of DNAtix, said: “We are combining genetics and blockchain in order to solve the major problem in genetics and bring in a new era where people own their DNA information and manage the future of their health. We have parts of the technology already working. We have a beta of our genetic wallet that enables storage and management of our genetic services.”

According to Lidsky, currently there is no ability for someone to perform a genetic test and stay anonymous. He said that DNAtix is focused on the consumer who is in the middle of the ecosystem. The user data is transferred using smart contracts. When questioned about the possibility of bugs in the software, Lidsky said that they have undergone “a very large process that includes security audits” before the ecosystem went online.

Dr. Tal Sines, CSO and co-founder of DNAtix, said: “What makes us proud is the fact that we are part of the revolution of creating real preventative medicine and not just treatment. We are enabling consumers to know when in advance, what are the risks that are existing in their DNA and taking active actions in preventing them from fully evolving. We are part of a revolution in the healthcare industry.”

Sines also said that anonymity is so important because the user data is sensitive. He pointed out that it holds information which contains the risks someone has of developing genetic diseases and even more sensitive information, such as in regards to mental health. Sines said that this is the reason that data needs to be kept from falling into the “wrong hands.”

Image by NeuPaddy. CC by 2.0

Tim Copeland
Tim Copeland is an NCTJ qualified journalist working in London and writing in the cryptocurrency space.
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