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Quantum Computing Will Impact Blockchain Technology — Find Out How

Many cryptocurrency followers worry that quantum computing processing power could impact digital signatures due to its computing algorithms, threatening the security of crypto protocols.

Dr. Talia Gershon of IBM sets out to educate on what exactly quantum computing entails by explaining concepts at different levels — to a child, a teen, a college student, a grad student and a professional.

“[A quantum computer] calculates things, but in a totally different way,” Gershon explains to 8-year-old Genesis Brown. “The reason we’re building these kinds of computers is because we think that maybe one day they’re going to do a lot of really important things, like help us understand nature better. Maybe help us create new medicines to help people.”

Using the same basic of concept, but explaining to a grad student, Gershon says: “What we do when we try to solve problems with a quantum computer is we code parts of the problem we’re trying to solve to a complex quantum state, and then we manipulate that state to drive it toward what will eventually represent the solution.”

For more on quantum computing for context on how it effects cryptocurrency.

Alexandra Yetter
Alexandra Yetter is a college intern at Blockchain News. She attends Columbia College Chicago where she is underway to earn her bachelor's degree in journalism. Her work has also appeared on Her Campus.
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