Saturday, August 8, 2020
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Blockchain in Africa: The next frontier

What kind of solutions can blockchain technology offer the continent? Is Africa on the road to becoming a blockchain hub? Africa is rising and technology...

Quantum Computing Will Impact Blockchain Technology — Find Out How

Many cryptocurrency followers worry that quantum computing processing power could impact digital signatures due to its computing algorithms, threatening the security of crypto protocols....

Behind the Scenes of Ivan on Tech’s Crypto YouTube Channel

In 2013, when bitcoin was valued at just $100 USD, Ivan Liljeqvist was introduced to Bitcoin by a friend in high school. Coming from...

Find Out How Much People Really Know About Cryptocurrency

Most people have heard of Bitcoin at this point, and perhaps the term “cryptocurrency,” but do they know what it is? Surveys in 2018...

Nobody Wants to Use Crypto Tokens: SelfKey Found a Workaround

This story is published in cooperation with Token Report, which operates Blockchain News. Most transactions between humans function more efficiently without a crypto token. An...

24 Hours Using Blockchain: A Walkthrough. Part 2

Welcome back to Part II! Reminder : This story follows a young man living in a fully decentralized world through an hypothetical 24 hour-scenario using solely...

Harvard’s Experfy Launches ICO for Blockchain Education Platform

With underlying tech pioneered by data and analytics marketplace Experfy, in the Harvard Innovation Lab, the Cayman Islands-based Expercoin is launching an initial coin offering...

European Parliament Passes Resolution Supporting Blockchain Technology

The European Parliament has sent out a ringing endorsement of the potential for blockchain technology and how it can provide significant benefits. A resolution,...

IOHK Sizes up Blockchain Applications with Ethiopian Government

Blockchain R&D group IOHK has struck up a partnership with the government of Ethiopia to explore applications of blockchain technology, including agricultural initiatives and...

Academy Blockchain Fuels Expansion Plans With Major Ed-Tech Acquisition

Claiming to be the world's first accredited school for decentralized technologies, Academy School of Blockchain announced, earlier this month, its acquisition of Bulgaria’s SoftUni,...