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VNX Exchange announces Partnership with NEM, Bridging the Gap between the Mainstream Financial Industry and the Crypto-economy

The world’s first marketplace and trading platform for tokenized venture capital assets, VNX Exchange, announced a partnership with NEM, a leading blockchain application platform. With this joint venture, VNX Exchange and NEM aim to develop protocols and standards for operating security tokens on the NEM blockchain through their entire life cycle. VNX will reduce financial roadblocks and unlock venture capital as an asset class for a more extensive, global investor base, including XEM token holders.

“Our partnership with NEM and the opportunities it introduces for the security token ecosystem worldwide are extremely encouraging,” said Alexander Tkachenko, CEO and Founder of VNX Exchange. “We believe that tokenized assets are the future of capital markets, and that blockchain offers tremendous opportunities to improve how financial markets, especially private ones, operate.”

VNX Exchange and NEM are working to create a liquidity program to incentivize VC funds investing in startups involved in the NEM ecosystem. VC funds will be able to participate in initial security token offerings on the VNX platform, achieving optimal liquidity. XEM will be offered as one of the currencies on the VNX platform.

“I’m happy to see projects like VNX that are bridging the gap between the mainstream financial industry and the crypto-economy,” said Kristof Van de Reck, Interim President for the Foundation. “This partnership gives us the ability to learn more about regulatory compliance specific to our technology, and ensures NEM remains at the tip of the spear with regards to security token offering. We also look forward to growing NEM’s ecosystem by leveraging VNX’s platform.”

NEM’s blockchain platform was designed and coded from the ground up for scale and speed. Its permissioned, private blockchain delivers industry-leading transaction rates for international ledgers. Additionally, its revolutionary consensus mechanism ensures NEM’s open, public blockchain can grow without compromising throughput or stability.

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