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Partnership between Charity Game Master and SilverLogic Marks Beginning of a Worldwide Charity Health Network

Charity Game Master, a Pre-ICO crypto technology company, recently signed an “onboarding retainer agreement”  with The SilverLogic, an award-winning custom software development firm. Together they want to create the “Charity Network,” which will be the first of five platforms in CGM’s multi-platform ecosystem.

CGM is a unique tech company built by a team of doctors, artists, chemists, and businessmen looking to make a difference in the healthcare industry.  Reducing healthcare costs for patients worldwide by creating a completely transparent peer-to-peer Charity Network on the blockchain, is the company’s unique mission. The network would interact with a variety of gaming and social media platforms to create a dynamic, buoyant, self-sustaining financial ecosystem where the money donated will go directly to the digital wallets of patients in need.

The SilverLogic, whose motto is “We Make Ideas Happen,” is based in Florida. The company recently competed against 120 other teams at the prestigious Money20/20 USA Hackathon in Las Vegas. The SilverLogic’s team of developers successfully swept all of the awards at the event, including 1st place overall.  Money20/20 Hackathon USA is regarded as the best Fintech Hackathon in the world for the brightest developers, designers and entrepreneurs.

CGM Founder and CEO, Ashwin Kalyandurg, said he is confident that his company has chosen the ideal partner for its complex project, “Our vision is a multi-platform ecosystem that will consist of five different platforms for crowdfunding (for patients and healthcare organizations), gaming, content creation, video sharing and social media, which when completed, will provide multiple earning opportunities for investors, patients, nonprofits, healthcare providers, gamers, content creators and regular users. We feel The SilverLogic and its award-winning team of developers has exactly the right expertise and creativity in this arena and is ideally suited to bring our vision to life.”

The Silverlogic has been commissioned to build a minimum viable product of the CGM Charity Network.  The Charity Network is the first of five platforms, which are all designed to enrich both users and patients in a mutually beneficial, symbiotic relationship. After the Charity Network has built up an established user base of patients, which CGM’s doctors will ensure, the company will then pursue a public funding round in the Gibraltar Cryptocurrency Exchange in order to raise the necessary capital to scale CGM and realize it’s grand vision.

Ashwin Kalyandurg added, “CGM is a project that we as physicians believe will make a generational impact. We will show the world that those who give to others can do so and profit from the act of giving and that every person, no matter who they are or where they are from, can and will have access to the same medical crowdfunding opportunities. We want to create a world of equal opportunity for patients to receive the care they need through medical crowdfunding, one where the act of donation becomes profitable.”

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