Kudelski Security Partners with BTblock, fusing Blockchain Consulting with Technology for better Cybersecurity and Design


Kudelski Security, the premier cybersecurity innovator for today’s most security-conscious organizations and BTblock, a Blockchain and cybersecurity consultancy firm, are joining to aim for greater cybersecurity oversight and design in Blockchain implementations. The partnership brings business expertise, networks and infrastructures together to offer disruptive startup and enterprise-level companies more extensive access to a complete Blockchain solution ecosystem.

“To realize the full potential of Blockchain technology, we need to improve trust, confidence and reliability in the systems that are built,” said Thomas Olofsson. BTblock chief technology officer.

“We are excited to be pairing our expertise with Kudelski Security because we believe that security is of upmost importance on both the business and technology sides for all enterprises.” He added. 

In 2017, Gartner estimated that 90 percent of enterprise Blockchain projects launched would fail within 18 to 24 months, with misunderstanding of Blockchain technology and the business use case cited as two of the main reasons for such failure. The new partnership between Kudelski Security and BTblock addresses those challenges by fusing Blockchain consulting with technology to increase the likelihood that enterprises will be able to adopt and integrate secure Blockchain solutions successfully and sustainably.

Scott Carlson, Kudelski Security’s head of Blockchain security commented: 

“Cybersecurity needs to be the top priority for any project seeking to be mainstream. BTblock and Kudelski Security share a vision to deliver security up front, rather than bolting it on at the end. Our collaboration with world-class companies like BTblock is a valuable force multiplier providing organizations a one-stop source for all their Blockchain-related needs.” 

Through its recently launched Blockchain Security Center (BSC), Kudelski Security offers a suite of services, including cryptography expertise, to the Blockchain developer and enterprise community. The partnership with BTblock expands the depth of the Kudelski Security Blockchain ecosystem, adding valuable experience and resources to help businesses prepare for the adoption and utilization of Blockchain and DLT-based business applications. The focus of BTblock on advisory services will help clients define security needs in the earliest phases of conceptualization, while Kudelski Security focuses on designing appropriate levels of security as the program is being developed.

BTblock provides a range of enterprise Blockchain services for organizations exploring the use of DLT to enable business. Based in New York, which is at the forefront of developing regulatory frameworks governing Blockchain financial products, BTblock services include financial and economic modeling, cybersecurity, and market/technical development.