Partnership between and Empowers Travelers to Save on Hotel Stays and Pay Directly with Leading Cryptocurrencies

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Share with:, the leading Blockchain-powered hotel booking platform has announced a partnership with, a platform for Bitcoin-related products, tools, and services.  With the partnership the company aims to empower millions of travelers to save on hotel stays.

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By offering savings on hotel bookings as well as the option to pay with several leading cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash, has made it its goal transform the travel industry.

The new partnership with has made it easier to make bookings on as Bitcoin Cash users are now able to access directly from their wallet.

Commenting on the partnership, Matthew Luczynski, CEO, and Founder of said,

“A reflection of our unwavering commitment towards cryptocurrency adoption, we’re excited to partner with an industry titan to champion the growth of the crypto community. With over 80% of the bookings on our platform made chiefly in digital currencies, the partnership will allow us to leverage Bitcoin Cash’s global network for greater real-world usability. We are excited to work closer with the team.”

“Importantly, this is also a powerful demonstration of the synergies between both the travel industry and disruptive technologies, as we strive to significantly lower the barriers of entry. The past year has seen our team achieve a number of milestones, from having recently exceeded our equity crowdfunding target, to the steady growth of our ecosystem, we look forward to seeing even greater progress as we build a transformative future for the online travel industry,” added Luczynski.

With a reach of over 210 countries and territories,’s portfolio serves as a gateway to a more efficient travel booking experience. Due to lower hotel prices and a more streamlined booking platform, travelling Bitcoin Cash holders will now be able to choose from almost 600,000 property listings through the use of their wallet.

Roger Ver, CEO of said,

“Our work is guided by a stout belief in Bitcoin Cash as a model of economic freedom and this includes the continual expansion of offerings under our current suite of products and services. By providing additional functionalities compatible with the lifestyle choices of our community, this partnership exemplifies the value of digital currencies and will build out our ecosystem with a real-world, viable use case.”

Launched in 2008, is an industry pioneer with an established suite of Bitcoin-related products, tools, and services. Empowering users to be part of the digital economy, the wallet enables the sending of Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash between users in a direct, secure, and non-intrusive manner, with a global reach of over 3.9 million users.

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