Smartlands Plans to Tokenise $1B of Real Economy Assets by 2024

After tokenizing the very first property in the UK, Smartlands announces additions to the pipeline of potential investment offerings and plans to digitise shares of assets in commercial and residential real estate, renewable energy, agriculture, technology and other sectors of the real economy


Smartlands, a blockchain-based platform for crowdfunding investment, releases the roadmap for strategic development and announces new additions to its pipeline of investment offerings. Out of more than 100 pitches, the team has selected for close consideration 15 projects ranging in deal size form €100 thousand to €50 million. Tokenised shares in the selected projects would total more than €100 million.

“Our goal for the next five years is to become a fully automated AI-powered decentralised global investment ecosystem that can handle the needs of small retail investors as well as global institutional wealth managers,” stated Arnoldas Nauseda, Smartlands CEO.

Among the front-runners are a £500 million residential high rise property in the UK, a smart city in Brazil and a vineyard in the U.S. Smartlands are also considering tokenising private shares of a pre-IPO billion-dollar company in the US. Timeline and details for the respective offerings will be announced at a later date. On its way to building a global investment ecosystem, Smartlands is already tokenising a £12 million purpose-built student accommodation building in the UK. The company plans to increase its portfolio of tokenised assets to up to $100 million by 2020, passing $1 billion marks by the end of 2023.

Besides real estate, agriculture and technology sectors, Smartlands is considering involvement in numerous sustainability projects in the most vulnerable areas of the world. Some of the projects include bridging housing gaps in Africa, opportunities in the renewable energy sector, promoting healthy green environmentally-friendly lifestyle through the use of bio-composite materials (hempcrete), and others.

A switch to mobile is another step Smartlands is taking in the nearest future, turning a ponderous stationary process into a one-click operation that enables investors to track offers and manage portfolios right from their mobile devices. Another milestone in the announced roadmap is the launch of a banking product and contactless payment card which will enable Smartlands customers not only to invest and earn, but reliably hold, exchange, and spend their fiat and crypto. The release is scheduled for Q4 2019.

Smartlands Platform, which is an Appointed Representative and registered with the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in the UK, leverages blockchain technology to introduce the concept of fractional ownership through the use of security tokens. Such crowdfunding model dramatically reduces the buy-in threshold and opens access to higher-yield investment opportunities for retail investors, as well as new efficient ways for asset owners to raise capital and trade fractional ownership on the secondary market. Projects in the pipeline are going to be structured to accommodate the interest of both individual and institutional investors, allowing Smartlands and its partners to tokenise sizable projects and reach institutional-level liquidity.

Previously Smartlands announced that security tokens issued on the Platform will be traded, among others, on the forthcoming Archax regulated institutional-grade digital assets exchange. Smartlands is also working on obtaining a Multilateral Trading Facility (MTF) license in order to launch a decentralised securities exchange.

The full Smartlands roadmap 2019-2024 is available here. For the latest news regarding the Platform, follow Smartlands on Twitter: @smartlands and join the Smartlands community on Telegram: @smartlandschat.

Smartlands Platform Ltd operates as a blockchain-based worldwide security token issuance platform for the real economy of the 21st century. Smartlands Platform Ltd benefits global financial markets by providing a unique proprietary solution for fractional ownership in virtually any asset class with a focus on higher-yield investments. Founded in 2017, Smartlands is based in London, UK. Like any investment platform, Smartlands cannot guarantee profits or revenues, and potential investors should obtain their own professional advice. For more information, please visit