Codebase focusing Investments on Cannabis sector and Blockchain Ventures


Codebase, an investment company with a mission is to make strategic investments in emerging sectors and markets has announced that its future investments will also include innovative business opportunities in the cannabis sector and Blockchain technologies with select exposure to cryptocurrencies.

Codebase’s management has already founded multiple publicly traded cannabis companies on Canadian exchanges, delivering significant returns to shareholders. With the growth of legal CBD and cannabis regions and countries worldwide, Codebase’s relationships and experience puts the Company in a prime position to make strategic investments in companies at early stages of market development.

“The board and leadership of the Company have vast industry relationships in the cannabis and Blockchain sectors,” said Mr. George Tsafalas, President and CEO. “We are seeing tremendous opportunities for growth in areas such as the UK and Europe, countries and regions that are where Canada was on its cannabis legalization pathway 5 – 7 years ago. We believe this is the time to invest in those markets in order to realize the largest possible gains going forward.”

Codebase has now formed a dedicated investment subsidiary named Code Cannabis Investments. The focus of this subsidiary will be on identifying cannabis and CBD industry assets and start-ups that can be scaled to meet areas of high demand in markets, including the UK and Europe

“There are opportunities being considered in both Blockchain and cannabis ventures that share multiple traits, including the entrepreneurial start up nature and inspired leaders with visions that have very high upside from an investment standpoint. Our team believes strongly that our expertise and capital can be added to these mixes to advance them tremendously,” added Mr. Tsafalas.