Aqilliz Rolls Out Blockchain Enterprise Product Lines for the Digital Marketing Industry


Aqilliz, a blockchain solutions provider that looks to restore authentic value discovery to the digital marketing landscape and say they aim to create a meaningful value exchange between brands, platforms, and consumers and looks to provide blockchain-enabled solutions that enable greater trust, transparency, and cost-efficiency for its enterprise clients.

Aqilliz CEO Gowthaman ‘G’Man’ Ragothaman said:

“Today, numerous technologies continue to focus on siloed solutions that have led to a largely fragmented martech ecosystem, resulting in a very bloated administrative layer. These existing solutions have thus far only addressed some parts of the problem, but fail to address them holistically. This has resulted in poor price discovery and liquidity along with a lack of trust across the marketplace. Brands, platforms, and consumers all are at the heart of Aqilliz and our mission is to restore balance, liquidity, and authentic value to this flawed system”.

Aqilliz offers three solutions that target three key areas in digital marketing that impede value exchange. Named Proton, Neutron, and Electron, these solutions are underscored by a philosophy that aims to examine the Who, What, When, Where and How across the online value exchange process and introduce blockchain-based methods to better optimise existing business models. 

  • Proton is aimed at optimising processes across the digital supply chain, specifically in the areas of source attestation, transaction verification, and dispute resolution. Focusing on how value is exchanged as well as where and when it takes place, Proton will provide a common administrative layer relying on automated processes as enabled by smart contracts.
  • Neutron aims to ensure that identities are secured in a decentralised data marketplace. Neutron also verifies and authenticates the identities of all transacting parties, addressing who is exchanging what value at a given time.
  • Electron focuses on automating settlements, mitigating risks and reducing costs in order to improve customer outcomes. Applicable to customer loyalty programmes, Electron allows for a faster, cheaper, and more secure settlement of value by providing increased liquidity. 

Aqilliz will be working exclusively with Zilliqa, the high-throughput blockchain platform as its technological infrastructure provider. Zilliqa is known across the blockchain industry as the first public blockchain and smart contract platform to leverage sharding, while simultaneously pioneering enterprise-grade security standards. Backed by academic research, Zilliqa has successfully established partnerships across the fields of digital advertising, financial services, payments, gaming, and digital entertainment. In 2017, Zilliqa founded Project Proton, a programmatic advertising alliance with WPP-company Mindshare, and successfully conducted a blockchain-based campaign for FMCG giant PepsiCo in May 2019. 

Most recently, Aqilliz was selected as one of the nine startups in the second cohort of the Singapore government-backed Tribe Accelerator. The accelerator is supported by corporate and government partners including Singapore’s Info-communication Media Development Authority, Intel, AXA, IBM, and Citibank. With its participation, Aqilliz will benefit from Tribe’s network of mentors, technical experts, and international partners to propel its growth ambitions. Aside from Ragothaman, Aqilliz will be announcing several key hires to its leadership team in the coming months and is expected to onboard clients by the end of 2019.