Virtual Remote Platform Celo Camp Offers Startups $25,000 USD in Contest Prizes to Build Apps on the Celo Blockchain

Applications are open until April 10, 2020


Open Source project Celo, backed by over 80 companies and individuals, including prominent venture funds, C-level operators, academics, and experts across a wide range of fields such as C-Labs, Andreessen Horowitz, Polychain, Winklevoss Capital and others, is calling for blockchain innovators to join the eight-week long CeloCamp

Celo Camp is an independent initiative run by entrepreneurs passionate about the potential for global financial inclusion, mass adoption of digital money & acceleration of startups that will build this vision.

The goal of the project according to CeloCamp Program Director Tomer Weiss is to help decentralized technology entrepreneurs and developers accelerate their projects.

Celo Camp happens in two phases: pre-camp and camp. During pre-camp, teams apply and share their ideas and progress in this portal. From there, five selected teams will enter the camp and three are eligible to receive $2,000 USD prize each. First and second place will win $10,000 and $5,000 respectively. 

Developers can find the Gibhub repository here.

The Celo Foundation, a non-profit supporting the development of the Celo open blockchain platform,  recently announced the launch of the Alliance for Prosperity: a mission-aligned network of organizations fostering social impact and financial inclusion through the use of blockchain technology.