IOTA Teams Up with Eclipse Foundation to Work on Decentralised Marketplace and Identity Solutions to Help Fight Pandemic

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Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG) behemoth IOTA has teamed up with open source (OS) giant Eclipse Foundation to take on the Coronavirus with a new collaboration and project called Tangle EE.

Tangle EE will provide a well-governed open OS ecosystem for organizations and contributors to develop new projects using IOTA decentralised technologies such as:

  • A unified identity project which involves building an interoperable trust infrastructure that enables identity for people, organizations and things. They will develop a high-level protocol and further tooling to encourage adoption of decentralized identity on IOTA. The project looks to build an interoperable trust layer that enables identity for people, organizations and things with a high-level protocol and further tooling to encourage adoption of decentralized identity on IOTA and reduce the entry barrier for new organizations to participate. For those who are unfamiliar with IOTA’s work on decentralized identity, read this blogpost and the unified identity protocol paper.
  • An extendable toolkit to enable real-time trading of data, products, and services to enable companies and organizations to easily deploy and participate in industry-agnostic decentralized marketplaces. For those who have not yet seen IOTA’s work on decentralized marketplaces, a good starting point is to check out the data marketplace and the recently announced Industry marketplace.
According to an IOTA blog post, Tangle EE will unite a diverse group of leading companies, academics, and standards bodies in developing data, payment and identity solutions and tooling on IOTA’s Tangle.
“We are well on our way to becoming the first truly scalable, feeless and decentralized Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) and have solidified our role as a world-leading centre for DLT research and development. It is now time to provide a vendor-neutral governance framework under which organizations can build enterprise-grade solutions on IOTA.”

IOTA wants to accelerate an open infrastructure that forms the backbone of the world’s digital economy with an infrastructure that is built with both humans and machines in mind.

With the launch of a vendor-neutral open framework, IOTA will distribute governance in key IOTA use case areas. Without no risk of license infringement, companies and organisations can make use of IOTA’s ecosystem and build their own products, services and intellectual property.

By working together with the Eclipse Foundation, one of the world’s most accredited open source foundations, IOTA provides a professional environment for organizations, thought leaders and developers to:

  • Benefit from the open and vendor-neutral governance framework
  • Collaborate on innovative projects that span industries and regions
  • Have their say on the future of IOTA’s development
  • Obtain a first-mover advantage in their respective fields
  • Interact with the Eclipse and IOTA developer communities

The Tangle EE working group exists to drive open-source collaboration and commercial adoption in major IOTA use case areas, build thought-leadership as well as develop tooling, applications and documentation for both business and academia in one place.

Read more about Tangle EE here. For organization membership inquiries please contact IOTA directly.