RealT Tokenises and Sells USD One Million in Real Estate On Ethereum

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Web-based platform for tokenising property ownership in the United States RealToken has sold USD $1 million in tokenised real estate on the Ethereum Blockchain.

The product, called RealT, allows investors around the world to earn dividends on a fractional basis from real estate for the first time. The project is integrated with Uniswap Exchange and can serve retail investors from more than 40 countries outside America such as Germany, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Argentina.

At the end of 2019, the company behind RealToken called RealT also opened its doors to US accredited investors.

“We are very excited to be the first to sell $1 million worth of property on Ethereum. Tokenization creates a reality in which everyone becomes the landlord of the future,” says Remy Jacobson, CEO & Co-Founder of RealT in a press release.

“With RealT, investors of all kinds can take part in the real estate market on a fully compliant platform that offers all the advantages of the traditional real estate market.”

Investing in real estate and earning passive income has been seen by many as a luxury of the wealthy. RealT makes it possible to earn passive income on real estate that is fractionalized into affordable small shares, while streamlining the investment process, offering liquidity and cutting through the lengthy process and administrative requirements associated with the traditional real estate market.

Normally investors buy an entire property, barring purchasing REIT or other baskets of properties that typically have high fees and by tokenising real estate shares, RealT democratizes the industry.  

RealT’s blockchain-powered platform also gives investors the legal rights and protections like the traditional real estate market. Ownership of each property listed on RealT’s platform is distributed across a finite number of tokens, specific to each property, called “RealTokens.”

Realt, realtoken, uniswap, exchange, realestate, fractional, investOwners collect revenue from rent and, based on their number of tokens, vote on property decisions. RealT distributes the month’s rent into normalized daily payments, allowing property owners to immediately see a return on their investment. Properties listed on RealT’s platform are managed by a property management company, which sources tenants, collects rent, and manages repairs, so the diverse group of investors doesn’t have to. 

Tenants pay rent in USD, which is then converted to DAI, a stablecoin pegged to the U.S. dollar, and sent directly to the Ethereum wallet owned by the investor. Through RealT, the money transfers are instant — no need to wait 30 days to receive a bank transfer. Rental income is normalized across the month, minus expenses. Fractional ownership democratizes access to real estate investment, distributing and minimizing risk, complications, and labour involved with owning property.