Tuesday, January 25, 2022
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Tag: Balance

Europe’s First Real Estate Fundraiser Secured by Digital ID and Powered by Blockchain: Project B11G

Project B11G has partnered with blockchain firms Blockhive, Agrello, Oblicity and CoinMetro to launch a pilot real estate crowdfunding project on April 1st, using...

Ex Ethereum, Stripe & Apple Trio Raising $1 million – Skipping ICO – to Crowdfund Blockchain Wallet for Banks

Balanced Software has announced they are launching a classic crowdfunding to raise $1 million to build an app to help people and businesses manage...

Canadian Startup Aims to End Homeless Hunger with Blockchain Technology – Cashless Society and Donor Cynicism Tackled by Proposal

BlockCrushr Labs say they have a rock solid solution to revolutionize P2P (person to person) street giving, using “Blockchain” technology to ensure that funds given to...

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