Tuesday, November 24, 2020
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ODH Partners With Hashed Health to Leverage Blockchain Analytics in Healthcare

ODH Inc announced this Tuesday a new partnership with Hashed Health to improve patient care through the further development of blockchain and distributed ledger...

Accenture Joins Hashed Health Blockchain Consortium to Develop and Implement Healthcare Industry Use Cases

Hashed Health has added Accenture as a member of the Hashed Health Blockchain Consortium, a group of leading health companies focused on accelerating innovation...

Illinois Opens Blockchain Development Partnership with Hashed Health

The Illinois Blockchain Initiative announced today its partnership with Blockchain healthcare innovation company Hashed Health, to leverage Blockchain and distributed ledger technologies. The pilot program will initially...

Blockchain Health Startup Hashed Health Raises Nearly $2 Million in Initial Funding Round

Hashed Health, a consortium leveraging Blockchain and distributed ledger technologies for transformation in the U.S. healthcare system, announced an initial funding round of nearly...

Blockchain Startups and Enterprises Launch IoT Protocol Initiative

Representatives from a group of industry-leading startups and innovative Fortune 500 companies met in Berkeley, CA recently to discuss the challenges facing Blockchain and...