Monday, August 10, 2020
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In a Global Pandemic – How Does the World Perceive Sports Betting?

In 2020, there is hardly any part of the world where sports betting does not happen. From the West coast of America to the...
smart betting

Should You Bet On Sports? The Online Gambling Industry in Times of Global Pandemic

Making money online can be fun and many people love the idea of having a business or source of income that is built entirely...

How GXS Built the Blockcity: Own and Secure Data with 1.8 million Others

“Blockcity is the largest and most active blockchain community in China, and even in the whole world,” says Yunpeng Ding, GXChain Regional Manager North...

HER Private Placement, Unlocked for the First Time

Hero Node has officially launched its Lock-in Incentive and Revenue Sharing program. Since now the price of the currency is rather low, locking the...

Sales Representative

Blockchain News is looking for an energetic, resourceful sales rep who can help build our sales pipeline and open new accounts. Must be digitally-savvy...

Monetize Your Digital Content With RightsLedger

  The power of technology allows us to share our creativity with people all over the world, and most of us get nothing for it....

Blockchain News Is Merging With Token Report

After a little over two years of hard work, Blockchain News is merging with Token Report as of December 2017. Token Report is backed...