Wednesday, August 5, 2020
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Uber – the Blockchain Problem

It doesn’t seem that long ago that startups such as Uber looked to have it all figured out. Following a successful beta launch back in...

Blockchain on the Ballot: Indie Party Candidate Joins Texas Senate Race

The Indie Party, a new alternative to the traditional two-party system of US politics built around a blockchain political marketplace, has its first candidate -...

Bitfinex CEO Hits Back at Fraud Expert’s Study Linking Tether to Crypto Price Manipulation

An academic study by a specialist in financial fraud has found data to suggest that the price of cryptocurrencies was artificially inflated during the...

Wanchain Announces First Cohort of Incubating Blockchain Companies

Texas-based Wanchain, a blockchain-powered platform for global financial services, announced this week, at the World Blockchain Forum in Dubai, the founding classes of its...

Algebraix Launches Public Token Sale With Help From CoinList API

Algebraix, a company developing a permission-based ad display platform, announced on Tuesday that it has launched its public token sale. The company also announced...

Coinsource Expands Bitcoin ATM Network in Colorado

Coinsource announced on Wednesday the expansion of its Bitcoin ATM network into eight new locations in the state of Colorado, in the cities of...

Wanchain Joins With 22 Others to Form Austin Blockchain Collective

Wanchain, the distributed financial infrastructure powered by cross-blockchain smart contracts, on Thursday announced it has teamed with multiple Austin companies to form the Austin Blockchain...

World Tokenomic Forum Launches Social Enterprise Venture Fund for Blockchain Related Technologies

World Tokenomic Forum, a social-enterprise think tank and consortium, on Thursday launched its Sandcastle Social Enterprise Fund focused on early stage, protocol and decentralized application investments...

DavorCoin Served Cease and Desist From Texas State Securities Board

On Friday, Feb. 2, the Texas State Securities Board served an emergency cease and desist order to DavorCoin, who bill themselves as one of...

Wanchain Launches Mainnet: World’s First Platform for Private, Cross-chain Smart Contracts

After two years in stealth mode, distributed financial platform Wanchain has launched Mainnet, the world's first platform for private cross-chain smart contracts, according to a statement the...