Wednesday, August 12, 2020
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Kyle Gibson

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Seeing Through the FUD in Cryptocurrency Trading

You’ve probably seen a person within a crypto community declare certain news to be FUD. Some people use the term using different meanings, and always...

Did Telegram Cancel Its ICO Because of Regulatory Heat?

Last month we compared the initial funding for Ethereum to its competitor ICO platforms. None of the 4 Ethereum alternatives came close to matching EOS'...

Why Ethereum’s Competitor Blockchains Gained Ground in April

In early April, the Token Report Newsletter looked at the growth of total initial coin offerings (ICOs) closing on alternative protocols or platforms to Ethereum. As a...

Press Release: Crypto Publishers Need To Self-Regulate, Too

This is not a paid press release; you can hold me accountable for what is written on this page. San Francisco, California: A cryptocurrency investor wakes...

3 Questions About Community Building for TCRs

A Token-Curated Registry (TCR) is a list; one that is captured on a blockchain, and is curated through a voting process involving holders of...

DavorCoin Served Cease and Desist From Texas State Securities Board

On Friday, Feb. 2, the Texas State Securities Board served an emergency cease and desist order to DavorCoin, who bill themselves as one of...

Here Are 200+ Resources for Crypto Investors and ICO Developers

Crypto is exploding. The popularity of ICOs, either as a funding vehicle for startups or investment vehicle for cryptocurrency traders, has led to what...

Why Nobody Knows About Your ICO

2017 was another dramatic, record-breaking year for cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology at large, and 2018 will probably be no different…except for one change that...

The Top 10 ICOs in 2017 & What’s in the Pipeline for Q1 2018

Some crypto prognosticators have boldly predicted 2018 to be “the death of the ICO token,” as Ripple CTO Stefan Thomas put it. Others are...

ICO Deep Dive: Probing Utility vs. Security Clues from the SEC

What is the difference between a utility token and a security? In an effort to carve out a place for cryptocurrency innovation, regulators have...