Monday, August 10, 2020
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Blockchain Company WePower Announces Plans to Tokenize Estonian Power Grid

WePower Blockchain energy company has announced plans to deliver a landmark nationwide energy tokenisation pilot project in Estonia in partnership with transmission system operator (TSO)...

Key Deals for Estonian Green Energy Trading Platform WePower

Estonian green energy platform WePower has signed a number of partnerships that it claims will enable full cycle, blockchain-based energy trading across the country,...

ICO Picks and Snow Shovels, This Week (Plus 7 Red Flags)

Despite the apparent culling of the herd in this ICO winter, there remain many projects out there that are unlikely to raise much, and...

WePower Launches Blockchain-Powered Green Energy Platform and Token Sale

The Gibraltar-based green energy exchange platform WePower has announced it will accept registrations for the fundraiser as the company prepares for its official launch. The...