Stan Higgins: Peruvian Presidential Campaign Pursuing Blockchain Solutions


    Stan Higgens from Coindesk writes:

    A political party in Peru is looking to make the blockchain a part of its presidential campaign platform.

    Perú Posible, a centre-leaning party led by former president Alejando Toledo, is gearing up for the upcoming presidential election set to take place next April. Hillmer Reyes, a policy director for Toledo’s campaign and a member of the party’s national committee, told Peruvian newspaper El Comercio the party would propose using the blockchain to help ease societal issues and combat corruption.  

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    In an interview with CoinDesk, Reyes expanded on the initiative, outlining how a formal policy proposal is being drafted amid the run-up to the election. He framed it as part of a broader focus on technology's role in improving government services.

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