Saturday, August 8, 2020
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Blockchain on the Ballot: Indie Party Candidate Joins Texas Senate Race

The Indie Party, a new alternative to the traditional two-party system of US politics built around a blockchain political marketplace, has its first candidate -...

Blockchain Tech Startup PlaceAVote Launches Innovative Voting Platform

Political engagement startup PlaceAVote.com, has announced the launch of its secure, nonpartisan web and mobile platforms which gives users a place to read, debate, and securely vote...

Texan Libertarian Party to Get Blockchain Voting

Blockchain Technologies has announced that it will be the sole provider of balloted election services to the 2016 Libertarian Party of Texas State Convention....

Blockchain Tech Corp. Scores 6th GOP Debate Straw Poll Conducted with Blockchain Voting Technology

Blockchain Tech Corp. conducted a straw poll of Thursday night's Fox Business GOP Presidential Debate held at New York's Metropolitan Republican Club in a...

Global Arena Holding Completes First Round of Blockchain Vote Testing

Global Arena Holding, Inc.  reports they are pleased that their wholly owned subsidiary, Global Elections Services has completed first round testing of the blockchain voting software prototype...

Bitcoin Voting on the Way?

Alyssa Hertig from Vice has written an excellent piece on voting and blockchain coined "The First Bitcoin Voting Machine Is On Its Way". She does...

Blockchain Technology Deal To Make Union Voting More Secure

Global Elections Management plans to explore secured blockchain voting through a new partnership with Blockchain Technologies.Global Arena Holding announced today, that its subsidiary, Global Election...

Stan Higgins: Peruvian Presidential Campaign Pursuing Blockchain Solutions

Stan Higgens from Coindesk writes:A political party in Peru is looking to make the blockchain a part of its presidential campaign platform.Perú Posible, a centre-leaning...