Blockchain Startup Referralcoins Wants to Drive Blockchain Into MLM Sector


ReferralCoins, recently released by the Referral Foundation plan to optimize payment flow for network marketing organizations by offering Instant transaction processing – allowing faster turnaround for order fulfillment resulting in improved overall customer experience and an increased bottom line. 

The duo is is opening the doors for the MLM community as a whole, to interact between each other.

“The ability of each MLM company, new and existing, to offer and accept a dedicated digital currency for their own company creates a new and improved way of doing business,” stated a press release.

Members have the ability to earn and or purchase coins and use them for products and services not only for their personal membership, but to also have the ability to trade them for other coins from other MLM companies. This allows synergies that have not been offered to date.

ReferralCoin has been designed to intertwine with Multi Level Marketing Companies existing infrastructure to allow ease of use for both Company and Affiliates.

The referral economy has transformed and expanded exponentially since the spread of social media. Network marketing is a $178 Billion-dollar industry with millions of global participants. The network marketing business is vast and complex with its own set of unique challenges, covering all aspects of products and services. ReferralCoin was created with these unique challenges in mind.

Network marketing is unique in its economic structure. Using digital money can significantly and positively benefit this industry in a multitude of ways. Notwithstanding the obvious cost-savings optimizations. 

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