BitHub.Africa Announces ICO Campaign to Foster Region’s Cryptocurrency Ecosystem


Nairobi-based Blockchain accelerator BitHub.Africa has announced its Blockchain Opportunity Report crowdsale campaign. The crowdsale will offer crypto-currency enthusiasts a chance to buy an extensive report on the top 16 most suitable Blockchain platforms for 2017. The detailed report comes in the form of an ebook, which can be downloaded from the website for $29.99. The proceeds from ebook sales will go towards funding the activities of BitHub.Africa’s new incubator and partner hubs across Africa.

BitHub.Africa is a commercial Blockchain accelerator driving the adoption of Blockchain technology and solutions across Africa. The continent has seen a growing number of mobile money platforms like M-Pesa, enabling digital transactions using fiat currencies. The adoption of mobile money platforms like M-Pesa has opened up endless potential for cryptocurrency based applications in the financial sector. With Africa currently being the fastest expanding Blockchain technology market in the world, BitHub.Africa aims to be at the forefront of the digital revolution sweeping across the youthful continent.

The Chairman of AITEC Africa Sean Moroney, appreciating the role of BitHub.Africa said,

“BitHub Africa is doing great work advancing the growth of Blockchain technology across Africa. The Blockchain opportunity report provides a lot of insight on emerging Blockchain technologies that offer interesting solutions to many challenges across Africa.”

In The Blockchain Opportunity Report, BitHub.Africa has comprehensively reviewed 16 cryptocurrencies and Blockchain platforms that they believe will disrupt existing incumbents across key sectors like finance, technology, and commerce. With Africa’s most prominent Bitcoin evangelist Alakanani Itireleng’s foreword stating, the report will be most beneficial to Blockchain entrepreneurs, investors, researchers, and enthusiasts.

People are beginning to bypass traditional centralized banking and payment systems in much of the developed world and beginning to feel the benefits of decentralized currency through increased adoption of mobile and internet-based Blockchain technology. African nations are catching up with this trend in a rapid pace to create a promising atmosphere for crypto-currency and Blockchain initiatives. The Blockchain Opportunity Report has achieved great reception among the peers in cryptocurrency and Blockchain industry.

Max Kordek, Founder and CEO of Lisk had these words to say regarding the report;

“The Blockchain opportunity report by BitHub Africa is the first step towards a broader market adoption of Blockchain technology in Africa. We are happy that Lisk is right in the middle of this movement and looking forward to strengthen the local communities with the Lisk ecosystem.”

The Head of Partnerships at Coinbase, Kristine Stone said,

“The Blockchain Opportunity is a clear picture of the disruptive solutions at the fingertips of Africa. Evaluating trends and data John provides a holistic view of opportunities and challenges Blockchain technology will face. In this stimulating book, the reader is provided a window into how Blockchain will change the way we live not only in Africa, but the world at large.”

In Africa, alternative currencies have a huge potential in creating efficiency while disrupting traditional mechanisms for international trade, resource management, and governance. In the present traditional financial system, transaction costs are high due to weak infrastructure, mismanagement, corruption and growing inflation. But an exponential growth in the adoption of new Blockchain technologies and innovations would combat these issues.

The founder of BitMari Sinclair Skinner believes in the potential of crypto-technology to uplift the unbanked. Skinner said,

“An illuminating piece on cutting edge Blockchain technology like Bitcoin that will emancipate previously financially excluded people like the African farmer.”

The use of crypto-currencies has grown massively in the past eight years since Bitcoin first hit the scene and now the market is flooded with new crypto-currencies, with many that offer little more than to make quick returns from investors while offering nothing in return. BitHub.Africa’s comprehensive report is a result of painstaking research and analysis of dozens of crypto-currency platforms. It aims to help crypto-currency businesses and enthusiasts to identify those offering unique value propositions or innovative solutions to meet the society’s needs while solving existing social and economic problems.

Proceeds from the $29.99 for each copy of the report will go towards the African Blockchain Opportunity Campaign and aids BitHub.Africa’s mission to increase mass adoption of Bitcoin and Blockchain technology across the continent.

BitHub was founded by John Karanja in December 2015 and officially started operations as a business in Kenya on 6th January 2016. It is currently trading as Space Kenya Networks Limited, which was created with a vision of providing hyper quality Internet solutions and services and was registered as a Company in 2010.

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