CORION Announces Full-Service Blockchain Platform to Build and Manage Any Business

Multifunctional platform for businesses and individuals attracts customers, entrepreneurs and financial service providers in one place.


Swiss-based CORION, has announced its multifunctional Blockchain platform engineered for anyone looking to enter the crypto world and launch a successful business or service. CORION eliminates the guesswork for coin holders who typically monitor exchange rates closely in order to know when and where to use cryptocurrency. Instead, CORION’s system features a stable price point against the USD and relies on demand-based coin emissions within the CORION community, which offers a helpful contrast to the fixed coin supply and fluctuating rates of cryptocurrencies in the current system.

CORION is the gateway to the crypto world aiming to boost mainstream adaptation with its easy-to-use interface and arsenal of crypto features all in one place. The CORION platform and ecosystem provides and hosts secure, convenient and instant financial transactions between members using CORION’s stable means of payment, and allows them to build a secure marketplace for their business or service.

“We have envisioned CORION as a boundless network of businesses and individuals to build a worldwide decentralized network that creates an unparalleled self supporting global system,” said Miklas Denkler, Founder and CEO of CORION. “The core of the system is the unprecedented symbiotic relationship that will interweave the economic players worldwide, providing tools and conditions to do business either within a local community or around the globe in developed or in emerging  regions.”

The platform is especially suitable for beginners and is engineered for enterprise with these key offerings:

  • MARKETPLACE: Attracts customers, entrepreneurs and financial service providers in one place. Engage partners, customers, and discover unbanked people worldwide as a service provider.
  • STABLE PRICE DIGITAL CURRENCY: Special automated inflation-deflation control assures the stability of CORION Coin, the payment medium of the Platform. Due to the stable price of CORION, products and services can be widely distributed with no boundaries.
  • INCENTIVE-BASED DAILY REWARD SYSTEM: Coin supply growth engages the service providers and the users in being present and active on the platform on a daily basis. Users earn interest through the basic providers, without having to deposit or to pledge their coins. The coin supply reward is allocated by an appropriate, fair and transparent system. Instead of risky margin trading one can earn as much as 2.5% emission profit daily.
  • MULTIFUNCTIONAL WALLET: Ensures the tools and backup for the players to transact in the most used cryptocurrencies as a unique payment gateway.
  • BUILT-IN P2P EXCHANGE: P2P built-in exchange is smart contract based and secure so no fraud or theft is possible. It operates functions without intermediary 3rd parties. Exchange starts with ETC/COR exchange and carry on with the development of the decentralized exchange platform to be able to use CORION Platform with FIAT and the most widespread cryptocurrencies.
  • CORION GAMIFICATION: Encourages mainstream adoption with entertaining activities and games. ‘Earn and learn’ process enables users to win money as they learn how the platform works. CORION Game is also an integral part of the coin price stabilizing mechanism.

CORION’s full concept and mission are detailed in the company’s white paper. CORION is also providing an opportunity to support its mission with an upcoming token sale of the CORION Coin (COR) launching June 2017.

CORION is a Swiss-based multifunctional Platform for businesses and individuals to join and build a worldwide decentralized network based on mutual benefits, simplicity, security, cost-effectiveness and speed. The Platform provides and hosts secure, convenient and instant financial transactions between the members using CORION, stable means of payment. The platform encourages users to build businesses and services on it and it is ideal for beginners and anyone looking to enter into the crypto world. For more information, visit