The ‘under the radar’ ICO, Populous. A platform tackling the Multi-Trillion Dollar international billings industry.


Six million dollars (19000 ETH) in six days, without the ICO even starting… and likely to complete the 39600 ETH cap by Monday morning, 20 days before the ICO was supposed to start.

The platform, already 90 per cent built and with clients lined up, is approaching funding in a completely different, far more mature way with no snazzy buzzwords, two year MVP pipelines or radical concepts for a utopian future.

Populous is set to break into the Trillion Dollar Billing and Invoice Trading industry starting from next month. Founders with backgrounds in creating the widely used XBRL and experience hailing from upper-management at the likes of SAS and Experian. Backed up by veteran Blockchain and Smart Contract developers.

The Blockchain startup promises to greatly lower the barriers to entry for investors, allowing for far more accessibility to the Billings markets – while also creating a far more efficient process of transactions, eliminating many of the unnecessary human factors which encumber the industry at the moment. And they plan to reduce the cost per transaction and increase liquidity available to individuals and institutions.

“Beyond this, Populous is able to predict 24 months in advance when SMEs may need financing, if they’re facing bankruptcy and more.

Offering them services before they even know themselves that they need it.                                                                                                              rsrhsdrh                                       This is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of what can be achieved currently, and what’s in the roadmap for the next 12 months,” stated the team in a release.