Dutch Blockchain Startup AdCoin Promises Alternative for the Online Advertising Market


A group of Dutch entrepreneurs with finance, marketing and IT backgrounds launched a new crypto coin for the online advertising market called Adcoin.

The coin has to prove its value by generating clicks, leads and customers within advertising networks like Google Adsense, according to the founders of the AdCoin .

“Almost all the ad platforms are still using creditcards and traditional currencies as the primarily payment method , this method knows high transaction – and risk costs which are for account of the advertiser or publisher,” said one of the founder s of the AdCoin.

Ad costs are for the account of the final customer who is buying a product or service following the advertisement and since the advertising market is a global market, and they want to introduce AdCoin as a global currency.

According to the founders, the first ad networks are already voting for the AdCoin.

The founders of AdCoin ay theyare in negotiation with several stock market listed advertising networks to roll – out the new AdCoin on scale.

“We want to prove the val ue of the AdCoin to the market,” says one the founders . Investing in AdCoin The AdCoin is currently active on a limit number of trading platforms such as CoinsMarkets.com.”

The leading platforms as Poliniex and Bittrex, where Bitcoin currently is traded, are reviewing AdCoin for listing, reports the development team.