Skycoin Distribution Event moved to August 8th, 2017


The Skycoin Project are moving their Coin Distribution Event, originally scheduled to begin on the 25th of July, 2017 – while they await the results of the upcoming bitcoin block size resolutions.

“Due to the block size issue,” said founder Synth, “Bitcoin transactions might be affected in these coming two weeks. Therefore we’ve rescheduled our coin distribution event until August 8,2017.”

“We want to provide the opportunity for everyone to participate in our CDE [Coin Distribution Event],” said Jesse Sun, Investor Relations at Skycoin. “We think it’s best we wait for the dust to settle first.”

The Coin Distribution Event, or CDE, is a fixed-price sale of 1,000,000 Skycoin (SKY) for 0.002 BTC. The money raised will be used to continue research on immutable data structures, development of consumer hardware and marketing – all towards the goal of creating a better internet.

The CDE will run from 00:00 GMT on August 8th until August 31st, 2017.

Skycoin is a third-generation cryptocurrency created to solve many of Bitcoin’s speed, security and privacy issues. Founded in 2011 by the world’s top cryptographers, Skycoin serves as the foundations for the next internet. It’s currently trading on two exchanges and real-world applications like VPN and social media are coming to the SkyWire platform soon.

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