Everex Officially Partners With Myanmar-based MicroMoney


Everex has announced it has officially entered into a partnership with Myanmar-based microlender MicroMoney. They  now have access to MicroMoney’s 450,000+ unique customers and registered users.

“We chose to partner with Everex because it is the easiest way to deliver money to our customers,” says MicroMoney’s Anton Dziatkovskii. “You just download the e-wallet and that is all. Our customers can expect immediate delivery of funds across borders.”

The companies are currently in the process of pilot testing the integration. MicroMoney has been sending money to borrowers via the e-wallet already.

“We have maintained constant contact with our contributors,” says Everex CEO Alexi Lane. “They have expressed excitement over the other partnerships Everex has pursued. In order to meet our contributors’ desires to see business-minded strategic partnerships, Everex has secured the business of nearly 500,000 new customers by forging this partnership with one of Myanmar and Thailand’s leading micro-liquidity providers.”

Lane continued:

“…and this isn’t the last partnership in the works. We have a litany of projects in the designed to move us towards our straight-forward goal of cross border cash-transfer and micro-lending. We plan on providing our customers with a multi-thronged approach to decentralized applications. While based on proprietary technology we first started developing on the bitcoin blockchain, Everex takes an open-source and transparent approach to financial inclusion, and this integration with MicroMoney is just one piece of that overarching, and sustainable, vision.”

Countries currently served by the two companies include Thailand and Myanmar. Many individuals in these countries rely on transparent, cost-effective businesses to transmit money or take out loans. When two aligned businesses come into market together, they make a far larger splash.

“Everex and MicroMoney make it easier than ever to open a digital account,” claims Dziatkovskii.  “No more waiting in a line at the bank and waiting for 3-5 working days to open a bank account.”