New Global Property Exchange Platform to Enable the Sale and Purchase of UK Property with Bitcoin

TrustMe™ (Universal TrustMe Engine Limited) announces the creation of a blockchain-enabled property exchange and land registry.


For the first time, UK property can become a globally tradable asset on a peer-to-peer platform which utilises Blockchain technology.  TrustMe, a Blockchain applications company, is aiming to revolutionise the global real estate market by allowing the fractional trading  of individual properties using ‘asset backed certificates’ on linked, Bitcoin denominated, global property exchanges.

TrustMe’s whitepaper, released today, details the launch of the TrustMe Property Exchange (‘TPX’) Limited and Blockchain Land Registry (‘BLR’) Limited, which will enable homeowners to trade shares (‘property certificates’) in their property on an open market as a new type of tradeable asset-class. Clients on the property exchanges will be able to purchase up to 49% of the value of a property or residential home with Bitcoin or fiat currency, whilst the 51% owner-occupier continues to live in and manage the property.

The first exchange will be rolled-out in London in October, with parallel TrustMe Property Exchanges launching shortly in Toronto and New York. TrustMe is due to announce other cities over the next 3 months and will establish regulatory compliance in each region it operates in.

London is the first choice for the location of the initial exchange, as it is host to a buoyant £2 trillion property market and has well established property laws, rights and processes.

The capital is already a popular location for many international investors seeking to acquire property, however, TrustMe also wants to ‘democratise’ ownership by removing the capital threshold that had previously restricted the owning of property to a privileged few. It wants to open-up the asset class using Bitcoin denominated, Blockchain enabled, global property exchanges to make property investment an attainable global investment choice for the many, not just the few.

Antony Abell, Co-Founder & Managing Director of TrustMe commented:

“The London property market, which has, for many people, long been prohibitively expensive, needs to be democratised. The TrustMe Property Exchanges will allow existing homeowners to unlock the value of their own house or properties and to use these assets as a form of stored liquid wealth, similar to a 30-90 day bank account, by trading as much or as little of their asset as they wish in an efficient, transparent and auditable manner.

Abell continued:

“It has only been the recent advent of the public Blockchain that has enabled the trust that people need to have to be able to allow the most valuable assets that most will ever have in their lives to be leveraged in this way.”

For full details on the TrustMe Property Exchanges, please visit to register for and download the latest whitepaper.