Obsidian ICO Funds Highly Secure Messaging and Wealth Transfer Application


Obsidian, founded by Peter McClory, is currently conducting their ICO to raise funds for their platform and app development. To date the startup has raised more than 5,000 ETH, or approximately $1.8 million, and the ICO will conclude on the 25th.  The company will finalize development of the new secure Blockchain messaging platform (OSM) which will guarantee message encryption and anonymous monetary transfers via their cryptocurrency, ODN. With Curve25519 signing keys and end to end bcrypt sha512 encryption algorithms, OSM is the most secure and private messaging application in the world, and may well replace traditional messaging tools.

What Makes Obsidian So Unique?

The team at Obsidian is seeking to raise funds through the ICO in order to complete the development of the Obsidian Blockchain platform, and further develop its private and secure messaging app, OSM. The app will create a new world of dual functioning messenger applications, providing security and payment flexibility at the same time.

The Obsidian platform is uniquely designed to disrupt these industries. The Obsidian Secure Messaging (OSM) application is the most private and secure messaging application of it’s kind because of its foundation in Blockchain technology.

Blockchain technology allows for incredibly high level security for messaging within the Obsidian platform. OSM is a light client offering end-to-end message encryption with perfect forward secrecy (PFS) and relies on EDH.

User accounts are completely secure, since Obsidian IDs are protected with Curve25519 signing keys. Further, for those users concerned about speed of transaction time on the Blockchain, a secondary parallel network is being built in order to create faster-than-Blockchain interactions.

Obsidian has also built end to end bcrypt sha512 encryption algorithms to ensure that messages and files can only be accessed by intended private individuals. Only the sender-directed recipient can access any of the data.

All of this simply means that users will be able to remain anonymous, and data like messages, files, pictures, etc., will never be seen by anyone besides the intended recipient. Timed auto-deletion of transfers also creates an environment where past interactions can never be discovered to anyone.

Obsidian’s Advantages

All these features create some specific advantages for the OSM. The security of the messaging application and the power to send payments means that users can privately and securely transfer information and funds globally with zero security risk.

The internal cryptocurrency, ODN, also creates a uniquely secure platform for e-commerce, allowing transactions to take place in a completely secure environment. Users who want to buy and sell without the invasive oversight of financial institutions now have a way to accomplish that goal.

Further, surveillance of messages and transfer of private documents can be done without risk. For example, corporate secrets can be sent around the world with confidence, knowing that access to the funds is only available to the intended recipients and is completely secure.

With all these unique advantages, Obsidian is poised to disrupt the way consumers chat and send money around the world, providing secure and safe means of accomplishing these goals.