SmartOne Launches Legal Solution for Crypto Community – Announce LEGAL Tokens


SmartOne, based in Lichtenstein, has been working to solve the problem of a lack of access to suitable legal services for the crypto community. The result of their work is LEGAL, a new Ethereum-based token that operates the SmartOne Protocol.

LEGAL provides discounted access to a marketplace that works for the crypto community by making legal services both easily accessible and suitable for Blockchain-based businesses.

“SmartOne and the LEGAL token represent an enormous step forward for the legal sector,” said Prof. Thomas Fischer, Foundation Council President of SmartOne.

“Until the launch of LEGAL and the SmartOne marketplace, the crypto community was not being properly served by the legal profession and this was creating problems, particularly in regard to regulatory and compliance matters.”

“By creating a legal marketplace that offers services to the crypto community in a format that works for them, SmartOne is solving a problem that had the potential to stunt the growth of Blockchain-based services.”

“We’re looking forward to a successful Token Generating Event in October 2017 and are very excited about the potential for SmartOne and LEGAL tokens to shape the legal profession for decades to come.”

By providing access to “crypto-friendly” legal, regulatory and compliance services, SmartOne believes that crypto enterprises will now be able to satisfy the requirements of the financial services markets. In turn, this will help them gain access to the funding they need to become successful businesses.

As SmartOne prepares for LEGAL’s token generating event, its longer term aims include the creation of an entire eco-system that will serve to promote research and development activities connected to the SmartOne protocol.

The SmartOne Foundation, LEGAL and the SmartOne Protocol

The LEGAL token lies at the heart of the SmartOne ecosystem. Its main roles are to provide memberships and serving as a license to use the SmartOne protocols, which enable token holders to access legal services, including the common regulatory requirements of Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Know Your Client (KYC) processes, through Blockchain technology.

The tiered membership system will provide holders of LEGAL with a range of benefits including discounted access to legal services and selected future token launches carried out by SmartOne, as well as free access to premium services such as SmartOne’s TGE analysis.

In the coming months, SmartOne will also launch a risk ratings system for crypto assets that will help facilitate the entrance of institutional investors into the Blockchain market by providing a level of confidence in the security of new token launches.

Underpinning the SmartOne protocol, the LEGAL token and the SmartOne ecosystem, is the SmartOne Foundation, a charitable organisation established in Liechtenstein with the intention of serving both as a provider of legal services to TGE organizers and financial institutions, and as an umbrella organization for the promotion of R&D activities connected to the SmartOne protocol.

A highly experienced team

SmartOne and the LEGAL token have been designed and created by a highly experienced team of financial, legal and technology experts based in Zug (Switzerland) and Liechtenstein.

The team’s members bring together expertise that gives them a deep understanding of the challenges faced by many crypto enterprises including the legal, regulatory and compliance issues that have, until the launch of LEGAL, proved to be such an obstacle to the successful development of the Blockchain sector.

Proven track record and partners

To deliver the legal services that the crypto community needs, SmartOne has partnered with SKUANI, a successful legal services marketplace; NextLex, a developer of cloud-based process automation software for documents and contracts. NextLex simplifies complex decision-making processes and implements risk management and compliance protocols.

SmartOne is also partnered with LegalOne, Switzerland’s first digital law firm, providing robust legal opinion for the implementation and analysis of TGE’s, thereby enabling crypto enterprises to launch with solid legal foundations.

Together these businesses lay the foundations for the revolution in legal services that is promised by SmartOne’s success.

SmartOne was officially launched on 30th August 2017 at Liechtenstein’s 7th Blockchain Meetup, held in Vaduz.