Jose Lindo to Head up Climatecoin


Climatecoin has announced, in January, that Jose Lindo will replace James Haft as the new CEO of the organization. The former CEO of 2050 Life Investments, Lindo has worked on climate fundraising related projects for a number of governments, as well as the United Nations Climate Programme, Plant for the Planet, which saw him help fund the planting of 47 million trees in Spain. 

According to their statement, Climatecoin aims to invest in companies around the world that are designing systems and technologies to fight climate change. As more individual citizens around the world search for ways to contribute to the fight against climate change, beyond the actions of their communities and governments, the company expects the value of these early-stage companies to increase.  The organization states that it is not politically motivated and seeks only better organization and management of the world’s resources.

James Haft, the former Climatecoin CEO, will remain with the organization as Chairman of the Board of Directors. He said, in a September 2017 interview: “The Climatecoin team are experts in making companies profitable. Normally, most of these companies that create sustainable products or services struggle to become competitive due to the lack of investment or proper management. We will help them grow by investing in them, so they may create competitive products that change the way we do things or [become] substitutes for popular products that harm the environment.”

Climate Coin is headquartered in the US, according to Token Report data. Its ICO is currently open and began on Dec 1, 2017.

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