Tuesday, October 26, 2021
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VeganNation Launches Sharing Economy Token Presale

With the presale launch of the VeganCoin token today, vegans around the world will now have their own cryptocurrency, part of a blockchain platform supporting a vegan-friendly sharing economy.

The company behind the VeganCoin, Israel-based VeganNation is aiming to support every aspect of life for vegans, providing a platform for the exchange of products and services that are verified 100 percent vegan and cruelty-free and uniting the 300-million-strong, global vegan community, according to a press release.

The VeganCoin will power VeganNation’s e-commerce marketplace and a meal-sharing platform, which will allow vegans to host meals at their homes for other members or find vegan food anywhere in the world. A vegan-tech incubator will connect innovators to vegan investors, entrepreneurs and funding opportunities, the company said, while smart contracts will be used to ensure a transparent supply chain.

VeganNation will launch its meal sharing and content platforms in May this year, with the official Initial Coin Offering (ICO) for VeganCoin slated for the end of March, along with its digital wallet, ‘Passport’.

“The global vegan community is in need of support, and can truly benefit from a unified nation of like-minded people dedicated to the vegan way of life,” said Isaac Thomas, VeganNation CEO and Co-founder, in a statement. “VeganNation is the solution to making the vegan lifestyle more accessible, and giving them the power to make global change.”

Website link: www.vegannation.io

David Bentley
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