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Delphy Rebrand Ahead of Predictive Markets App Launch

Predictive markets platform Delphy said Wednesday it is rebranding ahead of the launch of its mobile app later this year. International advertising agency, Ogilvy was drafted in to redesign Delphy’s logo, positioning and website, while highlighting the entertainment value of its app, which already boasts has over 200,000 pre-registrations.

“We took this opportunity to rethink our messaging across the board,” said Bo Wang, Founder and CEO of Delphy, in the statement. “We’re developing a unique and feature-rich social predictive markets app, and are proud to be ahead of the curve in a rapidly growing industry; our new brand identity illustrates this exciting vision, and conveys to the public exactly what the app is all about.”

Enabling individuals to make and trade predictions on future events, Delphy tests their knowledge of political, financial, and sporting events. Those who correctly anticipate the outcomes of events are rewarded with its /DPY Token, which powers the platform and is available on OKEX.

By channelling the wisdom of the crowd, Delphy believes it can make accurate, data-driven predictions about future events, which eliminates the need for traditional forecasting methods.

The new brand, which Delphy said reflects the benefits and unique features of the app, will be formally unveiled later this year.

The company said its new messaging and visuals will reassert its position in the growing prediction markets industry, presenting a distinct, fun identity, while its whitepaper and social media channels have also been overhauled to describe the new appearance and features of Delphy’s mobile platform.

For more info visit: http://delphy.org/en/

David Bentley
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