Myndshft Releases Blockchain-Based Machine Learning Process Automation Tool


    Working at the intersection of blockchain and artificial intelligence, Myndshft Technologies announced on Thursday the launch of its M:IA application, an advanced robotic process automation platform. M:IA is the only process automation solution currently on the market that includes artificial intelligence native to the platform and is delivered using an as-a-service model, with no licenses or software keys to purchase, said the company. It was built using Myndshft’s CognitiveBus enterprise-grade machine learning/artificial intelligence blockchain-based platform, 

    ”Process automation is a great first step for companies exploring digital technologies like artificial intelligence,” said Founder and CEO of Myndshft Technologies Ron Wince, in a statement. “M:IA was designed and purpose-built to minimize the demand on technology resources while allowing business owners to move at the speed of their market. With M:IA companies can start with automating simple tasks and evolve in their use of AI as they gain confidence and see first-hand the benefits.”

    M:IA features a modern architecture for flexible, agile process automation and resource management with the ability to scale to thousands of automated worker bots in a matter of minutes during periods of peak demand, all secured using blockchain technology that provides the highest possible levels of privacy and regulatory compliance, stated the company.

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    According to some studies, process automation and implementing AI solutions can reduce costs by between 40 percent and 75 percent per year.

    “M:IA is managed with existing infrastructure and processes and deployed in as little as a few weeks. With the as-a-service approach, clients can implement process automation rapidly, with minimal risk and rapid time to value. Typically, customers see payback in less than 90 days,” added Wince.

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