Thursday, August 13, 2020
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Fetch.ai Releases Open-Source Collective Learning Framework to Enable Decentralized Machine Learning Applications

UK Blockchain startup Fetch.ai (token ticker $FET) has released new and innovative software demonstrating novel machine algorithms that will enable developers and enterprises to train machine...

Wisdom of the Crowd Could Be Ideal Model to Teach AI

We are all familiar with some of the internet’s largest crowdsourcing experiments, like Wikipedia and Amazon Mechanical Turk. But, crowdsourcing today is being applied...

Blockchain used to empower African smallholder farmers to enter the global food market

Block Commodities, a leading Agri-Tech company in Africa, is building Farmer 3.0, a new agricultural ecosystem based on three main pillars: empowering smallholder farmers, creating a tokenised system, and...

Blockchain in Africa: The next frontier

What kind of solutions can blockchain technology offer the continent? Is Africa on the road to becoming a blockchain hub? Africa is rising and technology...

Gaimin Lets You Mine Crypto From a Gaming PC

Manchester, UK-based Gaimin.io has launched its AI-driven, crypto mining software platform, which promises to allow gamers to direct unused computing resources to passive mining...

Bitcoin ATM Network Coinsource Partners with Multi-Factor Authenticator Acuant

Coinsource, a Bitcoin ATM network, announced April 18 a partnership with Acuant, a multi-factor know-your-customer (KYC) and anti-money-laundering (AML) authenticator, to mitigate fraud at...

Myndshft Releases Blockchain-Based Machine Learning Process Automation Tool

Working at the intersection of blockchain and artificial intelligence, Myndshft Technologies announced on Thursday the launch of its M:IA application, an advanced robotic process automation...

Award-Winning Eligma Announces $24M ICO To Unify Online Shopping

Slovenia-based startup Eligma announced on Tuesday that its initial coin offering (ICO) will begin April 17, 2018. Eligma’s goal is to unify the online...