Bezant Content Sharing Platform Closes $16.8 Million Presale in Under One Hour


Bezant, the decentralized payments and service platform connecting influencers, creators, and e-commerce merchants, announced on Monday that its presale fundraising target of USD 16.8 million was achieved in under one hour, with 7.5 times more applications than could be accepted. 

Excess funds contributed will be returned to the original senders, Bezant said. Due to high demand from various participants around the world, Bezant added a bonus presale round on May 4 of USD 4 million, which also sold out in under five minutes.

Bezant Chief Cryptocurrency Officer Daesik Kim stated, “We couldn’t be more pleased with the results – reaching nine figures with practically zero marketing spend – and would like to thank the community for its confidence and support. I’m proud to lead Bezant’s token sale effort and this is just the first of many milestones on our roadmap that we are working tirelessly to achieve. Bezant is a game changer in the content and influencer industry, as our team, with the support of seasoned industry heavyweights, builds a vibrant and thriving ecosystem for creators and consumers alike.”

Ten months in the making, Bezant aims to disrupt fundraising and payments for the global digital content and influencer sectors, leveraging the skills of the cryptocurrency exchange Bithumb Co-Founder Daesik Kim and several executives from the homegrown Korean internet giant Kakao.

Bezant said that the platform will maintain a focus on mobile apps, games, and e-commerce, primarily in emerging markets. In particular, Bezant will seek to empower creators through the blockchain and increase revenues from digital content, enable more consumers, including the unbanked, to access and pay for a wider variety of digital content, and drive positive social and economic change by making digital content consumption more accessible outside the walled garden of global tech giants.