KODAKCoin SAFT Launches Today


The KODAKOne platform for digital image rights management and the underlying KODAKCoin was launched today by its creator and operator WENN Digital, a client of ICOx Innovations. A Simple Agreement for Future Tokens (SAFT) prices KODAKCoins at USD 1 each.

ICOx Innovations will support the KODAKOne sale with the design of its crypto economy and strategic planning, while previously announced partner tZERO will provide security for encrypted accounts, clearing and reconciliation for funds raised, and KYC/AML compliance services.

President of ICOx Innovations Bruce Elliott said, “ICOx Innovations brought Eastman Kodak and the WENN Digital team together to create the KODAKOne platform and co-architected the KODAKCoin.  We are extremely excited to get this project to this stage. Bringing today’s technology to solve real problems with big brands and executing the process in the most efficient and regulatory compliant manner, we believe we are setting a path in developing what will be a healthy and vibrant crypto industry.”

KODAKOne is an image distribution and monetization platform, secured using blockchain technology, that aims to provide a marketplace for buying and selling photos based on user-generated licensing terms and conditions, serving as a one-stop shop for photographers’ management, protection, and distribution needs. WENN Digital will also provide copyright protection via their “AI-powered web scraping capabilities” that continuously search the web for unauthorized use of content that will be secured on the KODAKOne platform, according to the statement.

Shidan Gouran, President & CEO of Global Blockchain Technology Corp (BLOC), a lead investor in KODAKCoin, said, “BLOC incubates, founds, partners and strategically invests in companies who are committed to innovating and developing technology to improve and change industries. Our investment in KODAKOne is now progressing to a fully commercial offering, which should rank as one of the very first security compliant offerings in Blockchain.”