CheapAir Now Accepts Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash and Dash


California-based online travel agency CheapAir announced today that it is now accepting Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Dash as payment for flight and hotel bookings.

CheapAir stated that it is the only online travel agency to accept such currencies, cementing its reputation as a leading merchant for digital currencies (the company has accepted Bitcoin since 2013).

CheapAir stated that its move to broaden its digital currency acceptance comes in response to customer demand. A number of new cryptocurrencies have been developed to avoid or improve upon some of the shortcomings or challenges that have emerged with Bitcoin, as the network has become stressed with higher transaction volumes, the company stated. In different ways, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Dash all promise improved transaction potential over their predecessor, being either faster or with lower fees attached, the company stated.

“Our cryptocurrency customers tend to be very vocal about what they want, something we appreciate very much,” said CheapAir CEO Jeff Klee. “Over the last six months, we’ve seen a huge uptick in the number of customers requesting alternative currencies, so we’ve worked hard to integrate the three that were most requested.”

Klee acknowledged that accepting digital currency on behalf of airline and hotel suppliers who insist on being paid in fiat currency does have its challenges. However, he stated that CheapAir has already solved those challenges with Bitcoin.

“We already had the plumbing in place to make digital currency payments work seamlessly for our customers and suppliers,” he said. “That made adding Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Dash a relatively minor endeavor for our development team, but a huge benefit for our crypto customers.”

CheapAir added that as with any flight booking on, purchases made with digital currency are protected by their unique Price Drop Payback protection, offering up to USD 100 back if airfares go down after your purchase.